Maybe you have dreams of giving a keynote address?

Maybe you want to write a book? Start a vlog?

Launch a podcast?

Secure sustainable funding?

Learn the skills you need to increase your influence and tell your story – in whatever way you want.

Today’s world rewards innovation, collaboration, teamwork and leadership skills. These aren’t things we learn in grad school, right?

We are taught to do the work, publish a paper, present at a conference, go back to the lab and do it all again. At some point, we hope to get published in an even better journal and present in even bigger sessions – eventually get even bigger grants! But how do we get more attention on our work? How do we get promoted in the lab? How do we start our own “research empire?”

I guess we just have to wait our turn?

Actually, I’ll bet if you look closely, the research groups getting the most funding and attention are led by someone opinionated, outspoken, and not afraid to take a stand. Their papers are well-referenced (because they are well-written and understandable.) Their conference sessions are well-attended (because they have a well-crafted message.) Their grants get funded (because they are good at crafting their “science story.”) Students and colleagues want to work with them (because they are reliable and maybe even fun.)

But the hard truth is: YOU might be doing better science.

Another hard truth: Doing good research is not enough anymore.

I know that’s not what you wanted to hear.

But, unfortunately, being an expert in your science doesn’t mean you will become known for it, rewarded according to your worth, or gain the resources to do even more. In reality, it’s your professional communication and leadership skills that will determine your scientific success.

You can have the best experimental design, an awesome lab plan, flawless execution, robust statistics, and great discoveries but without confidently telling your “science story” no one will know.

It takes real work to communicate well. But once you take just one step you will gain confidence and see results. Whether you would like to write better articles or start your own consultancy, your change of state starts with one bold step adding a little momentum.

You have the right to create a science career that inspires, creates, empowers and contributes.

I believe that everyone deserves to be excited about Monday mornings.

It’s time to stop worrying about what’s “expected.”

About what your colleagues, advisor, family or friends would say.

Because you are too exceptional for a “necessary and sufficient” career.


I’m here to help.

To get you crystal clear on your next step, fall back in love with your science and research and to help you share your science story.

To walk you through the myriad of ways to share your science that might feel intimidating or impossible.

So if you’re ready for a little momentum (and who wouldn’t be?)

Here are some ways we can factor new energy into your equation.

``The PUSH``

During this complimentary career momentum session, you’ll bring a very specific career outcome you want to take away from our time together – your ‘agenda’. We’ll have a powerful conversation for 20 minutes. At the end, we’ll take time to answer any questions you have about how we could work together and get your science story told.

WTF Am I Doing?! Sessions

Design a science career worth getting up for on Monday or reenergize the one you’ve got. This is a 4-session tailor-made for you program that will enhance your strengths and interests and teach you how to go out and grab work that you love for yourself.

No Nonsense Sessions

Work with me one-on-one for 3 months as we custom-create a plan to take you and your discoveries to the next level of influence. This exclusive opportunity allows me to give you personal attention while we craft your story and network on your behalf to look for new opportunities.

The Storyteller Sessions

You have a BIG idea.


If it involves media, or cameras, or interviews, or a bunch of people other than yourself, I can help with training, collaborations, interview preparation, and pitches.

Let’s get your story and your science out into the world in a big way.

Have you thought of another way I can help you tell your science story?

Science is a dance. Learn to lead. #scienceissexy


If you have a great idea of how we can work together, collaborate, partner or you just want to tell me something, here's the spot!


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