Science Communication just got real.

Sometimes taking bold brave action precipitates even bigger and bolder opportunities. Sometimes to make the most of these new BIG opportunities you need to prepare.

You need to tell your science story. And you need to tell it well.
Maybe you have a speaking engagement? Media interview?
Do you have to develop a book or documentary pitch?
Are you establishing a consultancy of your own?
Do you need help starting a publication or a podcast?
Are you seeking corporate investment or joint venture prospects?

Seize any opportunity to tell the story of you and your science.

Have you decided you'd like to speak more publicly about your science?
Did you do a media interview and leave thinking you could have done a better job?
Does your university or company communications team routinely pass you over for publicity? And does that bug you?

People talk about science they can explain.

Your science storytelling job is to answer these four questions:
(1) What do you want to say?
(2) Who do you want to say it to?
(3) How will you go about saying it?
(4) How do you know that what you had to say got through?
Most people focus on #3 the HOW. In my experience, WHAT you are going to say and to WHOM is a whole lot harder to nail down than you'd think.

Let's discuss science communicaiton training for you or your group.

Positioning your science story for the media

Positioning Your Science Story

We’ll start by exploring your qualities & qualifications, and work on deciding if you fit best as a “presenter” or an “expert.” Then we can hone your science story to present your research in a way your chosen audience will not only understand, but be able to talk about.

Once we’ve nailed down how you would like to position yourself and your science, I can offer this package of services:

  1. Professional bio emphasizing your skills & expertise
  2. Cover letter for you to use as an example
  3. Website content plan
  4. Suggestions of Who and How to connect
  5. Written portfolio of headline ideas based on expertise
  6. Follow-up support by email

Presenting your science story through interviews and writing to the public

Presenting Your Science Story

We’ll spend a half-day doing filmed and recorded interview preparation. After exploring a bit about how journalists think, dealing with difficult questions, what to expect, and how to establish credibility/reputation, I will provide:

  1. Copy of all videos or recordings
  2. Written or interjected feedback

I can also arrange to have you interviewed and debriefed by real honest-to-goodness journalists with many years of experience. I don’t believe someone who is not a journalist can truly pretend to know how a journalist thinks!

(And I’m a scientist too, just sayin’…)

Developing your big idea and pitching it to media, documentary producers, podcasts, and news outlets

Pitching Your Science Story

I can help you implement your Big Beautiful Idea.

Do you want to tell your science story in a big way?

I can help you research, develop, and draft a proposal with appropriate pitch points to whatever media makes sense. I’ll edit and copyedit, make suggestions, critique, and do a preliminary investigation of copyright and intellectual property protection.  I’ll also give you recommendations on where to pitch. I can’t do the pitching itself though – but I can coach you through it!

If you’re not quite ready for a full-scale pitch, you could start out with an online presence. I can develop a portfolio of suitable social media/blog/vlog post ideas and create a logical editorial calendar for you to work from.

Let’s promote your BIG ideas!

Since every package in the Storyteller Sessions will be custom-built according to your needs, let’s start with a simple email conversation.

Don’t be afraid to reach out. Don’t be afraid to dream.


If you have a great idea of how we can work together, collaborate, partner or you just want to tell me something, here's the spot!


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