So, what are you going to do about your career?

Here are the facts:
We are on this planet for a short period of time (Proof of an afterlife not included.)
Our time is divided by things that make us feel either positive, negative or neutral emotions. (And emotions matter, despite our scientific training.)
Instead of struggling to improve on your weaknesses, you can be doing your science in ways that amplify your natural strengths and interests.

You have a choice in how you spend your time and energy.

But here's the thing...
If things are going to change, YOU are going to have to change them.
Instead of struggling to improve on your weaknesses, you can be doing your science in ways that amplify your natural strengths and interests.

You deserve to do your research in a way that fits your true nature. Your method of inquiry. Your very own scientific method.

I want you to feel excited on Monday mornings.

⅓ of your life is spent at work- you deserve for that ⅓ to make you feel happy and fulfilled. (Really, only ⅓? Need a study on that.)

You don’t have to choose between doing your work and happiness.
This is a rallying cry for those of you sitting at work bored, or on your sofa, scrolling your iPad bouncing between articles, social media and constantly saying “what am I doing with MY life?!”
Let me help.
My mission is to help scientists who are a little lost, a little uncertain, and maybe a little jaded start their own personal science movement.
Scientists must be seen AND heard.

You have shit to do that matters.
It’s time you got clear on exactly what that is.

People should take notice if you stopped the work you do. You should have an impact.
People need your science and your voice out there in the world.
You deserve to be respected and treated like A CELEB with CREDS! The ultimate credentials, actually.

Let me help.

The WTF Sessions work to get you where you want to be -- they add some freshness and some flexibility to your current position. Let’s find some ways to make your science career fun again. I’ve found ways to flex my creative muscles, take control of my trajectory and make a living through my passion. You can find newfound satisfaction in your position too.
I’m not going to tell you to quit your job when maybe it’s just time to learn some skills to re-love the position you’re in.
But maybe you do need a complete overhaul and an exit strategy?
We can do that too.
This isn’t a cookie-cutter program where I rattle off the same advice to everyone who comes my way. This is a tailor-made for you program that will enhance your strengths and interests and encourage you to go out and grab opportunities that excite you while you do the work.

Is this program for you?

Do you believe you deserve to spend 40+ hrs a week doing something fulfilling?

Are you fed up of feeling bedraggled and are ready to take control of what happens?

Are you ready to combine your talents and interests into your science career and quit keeping your creative-self in a box and make your soul happy?

Are you tired of watching other researchers take leaps and pursue their dreams? (It’s your turn now!)

Are you fed up with feeling average, bored, or unfocused and ready to make some big changes — but a little bit scared?

Do you have so many trajectories you’d like to pursue that you feel pulled in too many directions to do all.the.things?

Do you sometimes wonder if you have to choose between stability and the science career you really want to pursue?

Do you know there is more to life than what you’re doing, but you’re not sure what it is?

Here’s why the WTF Sessions are absolutely worth the investment

(1) A pre-call questionnaire so I can see exactly where you are so we can hit the ground running. (Zero time wasted.)
(2) Four 60-minute 1:1 calls. (Because you need some personalized attention.)
(3) Unlimited email support for six weeks. (To assure success and clarity.)
(4) An eminently useful online accountability archive. (Log book.)
(5) A made-for-you roadmap. (Follow-through guaranteed.)

Image of abstract man being decisive

In our sessions together we’ll:

  • Tackle some problems that have been holding you back, or keeping you in a trough.
  • Learn how money and happiness can really be tied together.
  • Get real about your personal value system. (Bonus for all the parts of your life!)
  • Master the art of decision making. Make em quick and make em stick.
  • Create a plan based on your personality, strengths and preferences. With you. About you. For you.
  • Suss out 3 essential habits to get you loving Mondays.
  • Do a deep dive into what success and freedom really are for you. They might be different than you think.
  • Research how your identity, personality and perspective shape your career.
  • Fit your work into the other areas of your life leading to balance and fulfillment.
  • Learn the difference between good and bad fears. Do you know how to use both to your advantage?


One payment in USD.

More happiness.
More success.
More science.
More fun.
Done. What happens after you click buy?

Clicking the button will take you to my scheduling software where you can pay and schedule your first session.
You'll get an email with the 1st of 3 essential habits to get you loving your Mondays.
You will get a questionnaire to help me get to know you a bit so we can hit the ground running and so I can start developing your personalized program ASAP.
Start loving your Mondays.


If you have a great idea of how we can work together, collaborate, partner or you just want to tell me something, here's the spot!


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