Paula Hennon

Hi! I’m Paula

An entrepreneur, scientist, relationship-builder and an unshakable optimist dedicated to helping you become a voice for science.

There is no shortage of experts on the Internet today. But we all know there are “experts,” then there are the real experts – and I’m gonna guess that if you’re here, on this page reading this, you’re one.

I want to empower scientists to see our science as STRATEGIC, promote our discoveries as RELEVANT, and communicate the implications of our research to SOCIETY.

My goal is simple:

I want scientists to become unapologetic influencers in our society.

To build a community of influencers who can teach youth with enthusiasm, shape public policy, solve big problems, and improve life we need:

  • sustainable funding,
  • solid research, career and commercialization plans,
  • to increase our thought leadership status, and
  • to share our stories and unique ways of thinking.

If my words have left you wondering, “Gee, what should I do next?” I can help…

{I can’t work miracles alone…}

Learn a little more about me and meet my team.

Paula Hennon

Paula Hennon, MBA, PhD

Chief Storyteller

Dr. Paula Hennon is a PhD Atmospheric Scientist with an MBA who found herself leading a superlative team of scientists, programmers, web developers, and graphic designers inside a federal laboratory and data center. Together, they pushed boundaries, innovated processes, wrote a bunch of code, and got stuff done. She is passionate about scientists’ stories — and their science. She’s on a mission to see scientists maximize the impact of their work and take their rightful places as unapologetic thought-leaders in society by bringing reason, solutions, and curiosity to life.

Elizabeth Mazzocco

Elizabeth Mazzocco, MS

Chief Co-conspirator

Beth Mazzocco received her B.S. in Geography from Ohio University and her M.S. in Atmospheric Sciences from The Ohio State University.  She teaches courses in meteorology and climate, earth science, environmental science, and mathematics. In addition to college instructing, Beth has worked as a forecaster and producer at two local television affiliates in Columbus and as a forecaster at a private meteorology firm in Cleveland.  In her free time, she enjoys reading, hiking, and spending time with family.

Chris Hennon

Christopher Hennon, PhD

Chief Scientist

Dr. Christopher Hennon is a Professor in the Department of Atmospheric Sciences at UNC Asheville. He earned his doctorate in Atmospheric Sciences from The Ohio State University, specializing in tropical cyclone prediction. His MS, also in Atmospheric Science, is from Purdue University.  After a 2-year post-doc position at the National Hurricane Center in Miami, FL, Chris joined the department at UNC Asheville in 2005. He teaches a variety of courses, including Tropical Meteorology, Physical Climatology, Applied Climatology, and Atmospheric Dynamics.


Olivia Hennon

Chief Social Media Strategist

Olivia is a student at A.C. Reynolds High School. She’s a passionate communicator and really does take a mean selfie.

But more than that, she brings a fresh point-of-view on reaching a younger generation with our science stories. Her ideas are good — and are usually right.


If you have a great idea of how we can work together, collaborate, partner or you just want to tell me something, here's the spot!


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